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Carpenter Residence 

This project is different from the traditional Louisiana landscape. The clients came to us with the desire to create a modern outdoor living space that reflected their taste. Their home is a modern “shop house”. They requested the addition of a bathroom to their existing outdoor kitchen as well as an area for a dinning table for large family gatherings. And of course, wanted to incorporate a pool for the grandchildren.  The existing kitchen was just floating out in the lawn with no connection to the home.

Taking cues from the existing homes design and materials we came up with a design to connect their outdoor kitchen back to the home as well as extend the material pallet while maintaining consistency. The use of raw carbon steel, numerous textures and colors of gravel, and limited plantings, we combined all these elements in a way that grounded the space and created an inviting outdoor retreat.  This unique landscape is not only functional for the clients but also provides a great outdoor living space that now fells like an extension of their home.

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